Expanding the Concept of Lifelong Learning Beyond the Campus: The Experience of the McGill Community for Lifelong Learning within the Wider Quebec Community


Since 2009, the McGill Community for Lifelong Learning (MCLL), a program of the McGill School of Continuing Studies (SCS), has been actively involved in outreach programs to the larger Quebec community. MCLL’s peer learning process ensures that local participants are involved in co-creating their own educational experience. In cooperation with Quebec’s Community Learning Centres (CLCs), MCLL assisted in developing three older adult peer learning initiatives—in Lachute, Saint-Lambert, and Quebec City. In practice, MCLL volunteers explain and illustrate the MCLL model to members of the CLC communities, demonstrating how participants learn from each other through research and discussion. Where appropriate, MCLL moderators/instructors used videoconferencing and workshops to connect with leaders from the various regions for planning and support.

This paper describes the challenges and rewards of integrating a volunteer-led lifelong learning program in diverse community settings. By examining what has been achieved and how it has been accomplished over a four-year period, the paper considers the successes of this collaboration and looks into areas of future expansion.


Main Themes

of the World Assembly

All along the Assembly, these themes will be developed through panels, seminars, workshops, keynote speeches, presentation of papers and applied theatre.

Plenary sessions will have translation facilities in English, French and Spanish. Workshops will where possible be bi- or tri-lingual, and the language of sessions will be clearly identified in the final programme.

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